February Birthstone: Amethyst

february-birthstoneAmethyst, according to legend, originated when Bacchus, the god of wine, grew angry at mortals. He vowed the next mortal that crossed his path would be eaten by tigers.  At that time, a beautiful young maiden named Amethyst was on her way to worship the goddess Diana. Diana knowing of Bacchus’ vow, turned Amethyst into a pillar of colorless quartz to protect her from the tigers. Bacchus, witnessing the miracle, repented and poured wine over Amethyst, staining her purple. This connection with Bacchus led to the belief that drinking wine from an amethyst cup would prevent drunkenness. Also considered an aid to the brave. Amethyst was believed to protect soldiers in battle, capture wild beasts and make it’s owner shrewd in business matters. Very dark stones are sometimes heated to lighten and intensify color. This member of the quartz family is the birthstone for the month of February and is designated for the first wedding anniversary.

R.I.: 1.544-1.553
S.G.: 2.66(+/-.01)