June Birthstone: Alexandrite/Pearl

june-birthstoneAlexandrite has been described by poets as “emerald by day and ruby by night” due to the show of color change from green, in florescent (day) light, to red, in incandescent (spot) light. Alexandrite, chrysoberyl , is named for Alexander II,  Czar of Russia. It was reportedly discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia on Alexander’s birthday in 1830. Today, Alexandrite is found primarily in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Russia and Africa. This unique stone needs no treatments to enhance its natural beauty. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June and is designated for the 55th wedding anniversary.

R.I.: 1.746-1.755
S.G.: 3.73 (+/-.02)

Pearls have long been prized around the world. Ancient texts show high regard for these gems of the sea. Pearls have always decorated crowns and robes of queens and kings. Native Americans adorned themselves with pearls fished from coastal waters and inland rivers. Without cultured pearls, the n=beauty of pearls would not be available to most consumers today. True spherical cultured pearls came only in the late nineteenth century after long efforts by Japanese researchers. Cultured pearls are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Cultured freshwater pearls have become increasingly popular in recent years. Available in spherical and irregular shapes, these pearls are both affordable and attractive.

R.I.: 1.52-1.66
S.G.: 2.60-2.78