• Free watch batteries for life, for all watches purchased in our store.
  • All Diver’s watches must be factory-serviced every two years by the manufacturer, otherwise FTC (Federal Trade Commission) standard adapted warranty applies (stands) without factory waterproofing.
  • Watch battery replacement is not a full watch service, per industry general standards.
  • Mission Hills Gallery Fine Jewelers accepts no responsibility for the malfunction of the watch, the continuation of the water resistances, or any damage to the casing after any minor repair or battery replacement.
  • We do not seal or waterproof watches; Diver’s watches are recommended to provide original manufacturer service.

Rubies Disclaimer

Mission Hills Gallery Fine Jewelers/ Nader Ayad Co. Jewelers hereby warrants that all Rubies are “non-Burmese covered articles” in that they were not mined in or extracted from Burma, or were imported into the United States prior to September 27, 2008. For Rubies imported after September 27, 2008, exporter certifications stating that these articles were not mined or extracted from Burma have been obtained.

Gemstones and Diamond Certification (GIA)

We provide independent laboratory certification to most natural gemstones.


We provide free cleaning, inspections and sizing for all rings purchased in our store.

Purchase Agreements and Policy

  1. All disputes must be resolved at the store level first.
  2. No negative feedback on public media such as Yelp.
  3. 30% restocking fee for returns or as written or agreed.
  4. No returns for altered, custom made and special ordered merchandise.
  5. Cost can change according gold market value fluctuations, unless orders are paid in full in advance.